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The Arab uprising shows especially in Egypt that women are in a vulnerable position. Sometimes they are reduced into a sexual object to satisfy sexual feelings and lust. The terrible inquiry if a woman is still a virgin in Egyptian prisons shows this. A change is necessary. Also the horrible position of especially widows in Iraq is just the same or even worse.

There are men who can’t control themselves, when they are confronted with active women or women in need. The problem is not that women are active or in need, but that men don’t know how to deal with their own feelings. These men blame women for their own problem. It is an old problem in the culture. I refer to the Christian tradition, in which has been written that men brought a woman to Jesus, who was caught in adultery. According to the law of Rashul Moses, such persons have to be stoned. A strange situation: if I am well informed, you need for adultery at least two persons. Jesus caught the men and said: who of you never committed adultery, throw the first stone. All the men disappeared, the oldest first. Jesus didn’t condemn her too, but said simply: Also I don’t condemn you, but don’t do it again.

Such an act by men is blaming women for their own shortcomings.

Also the Qur’an is sensitive for this issue. Only by four witnesses for someone who committed adultery, these people can be condemned. It seems to me hard to find four witnesses for such a thing. But easily in the Arab culture people believe a bad rumor. That is more a problem.

Another point is that woman has to cover her hair with a veil. Why? Read the Qur’an about this and especially the context. By reading the context you will see that the Prophet already knew very well what the problem is. Covering the hair means an admonition to women: don’t make it more difficult for men and cover your hair (not the face!)

It is time that men become honest and start a big Jihad against their own shortcomings.

Look at the way prophet Mohammed dealt with women: he showed respect to them. He knew the vulnerable position of widows. Therefore he allowed men to marry more women, but no more than four. Also he knew that some men need more than one woman for his sexual need. This was another reason to allow men to marry more than one woman. But the maximum of four women show also that there is limit. More women is not in favor of women. And also the first wife has to agree with the marriage of the second wife and so on.

Another example of respect for women in the Islam is that men carry their aged mother, if they can’t go by feet around the Qaaba. You can see this on a movie on YouTube.

Conclusion: if we respect women according to the Muslim tradition, we have to stop the violence against women. Every woman could be your mother.

Louis Bohte ofm

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Louis Bohte ofm

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