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A new year has begun. I wish everyone a hopeful 2012.

Since the uprising started in December 2010 in Tunisia, many things happened. The hope on a peaceful change in Arab countries shifted into growing violence against ordinary people. What can be done?

I think it is time to build up structures of trust. We have to realize that there are people who have to lose a lot of by the wished change you want. I look at the army leaders in Egypt, Assad in Syria, Saleh in Yemen. They use all kind of tricks to maintain their position.

Another problem is that leaders in the West are afraid of upcoming of Islam oriented groups. This makes the situation more complicated. As a Christian I am not afraid for Muslim groups. We all go back to Ibrahim, who was a righteous man. We all have to be righteous. Violence against people is the opposite of being righteous. We have to learn more about the roots of Islam. That is in my opinion the best way to deal with everyone.

Meanwhile we have to deal with ongoing violence. I am not a military strategist. So I can’t give advice. It seems to me realistic to expect more people killed. The only thing what can be done is at one side support the families who lost a relative, especially who lost a child like Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb in Syria.

At the other side: try to reach families who have a relative in the army to convince the soldiers to continue violence against civilians from whatever tribe. Therefore it is necessary to realize shelters for deserters. Absorbing deserters makes army empty.

Another job that has to be done is to study the Qur’an and Hadith to humanize society and to become strong towards the Western world in terms of spirituality or making life meaningful.

Louis Bohte ofm

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Louis Bohte ofm

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