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We first have to wonder about the reasons and motivations that motivate adolescent girls to enjoy talking to teenagers and getting involved with them in complex and difficult end situations, leaving too many tears, pain and remorse that do not work yet. It is too late:
1 - lack of access to adolescent rights at home, such as the lack of family understanding between mother and father in the first degree I mean the problems of the couple reflected directly on adolescents and their sense of insecurity at home Viljan to those who discuss with them safety without carelessness of what will happen and believe that proves them sweet talk The sweet to forget the adolescent some of her worries forgotten that this increases mud.
2 - lack of understanding and love between adolescence and those who are with her in the house as brothers and sisters and repeated humiliation and treatment and was a servant or a slave to hear and obey without hesitation ... The contempt suffered by adolescence by family members.
3 - Pressure on the freedom of adolescence and prevent it from some of its rights, such as going to a trip or visit one of her friends or practice one of her hobbies such as painting or hearing music or attend a particular television series ... or work in embroidery or wool fabric.
4_ companions bad Alawati decorates sit on the net and display pictures and exchange sweet speech and take the dead dates falling morally decomposed. Teenager test that all these actions evidence of the ruthlessness and courage, but in fact that these behaviors are extremely prejudicial and unjust without account of the consequences of devastating and the end of the loss of sure .
5 - deprive the adolescent of the expenses of the daily and the presence of the father is unemployed and does not care about the family and the things of the adolescents and adolescents in this case, the adolescent looking for those who demonstrate and give them money and oversees the responsibility .. And its awakening to the nightmare scary and scary black.
6 concern parents about the teenager to solve the problems of the family and not to question the teenager and sit with her and talk to her and discuss the problems and concerns and notice of their existence, forcing them to go out with a strange person away from them do not know anything except that he spoke Maha sweet sweet speech or threatened and rebelled by taking pictures of them either It was almost naked or semi-naked that these were the main reasons for the involvement of the adolescent and her entry into the whirlpool problems she had no solutions.
And most important of the previous reasons and the most painful and left a great impact is the strike of the Agency, which created a great vacancy in the students .. What teenagers should be taken into consideration.
Suggest some solutions:
1_ mother and father solve their problems away from boys and adolescents and reach a solution between them ends with understanding and compromise and love.
2 - Work on the fairness of the adolescents and their consideration in the family especially the girls by the older brothers and their standing and their sense of safety and support and care and attention by all members of the family, especially the mother and father ... Standing against all those who tried to persecute teenagers and work to build the affection between brothers and sisters until They become friends even if one of them is exposed to any problem outside the home can be presented to the family members and take advice and awareness and a cure without resorting to any person away from the family atmosphere.
3 - Giving teenagers freedom in their actions, but limits and adolescents under constant observation without notice, but keep teenagers always under the auspices of the eye to make them practice their hobbies drawing and music and listening to the radio and watching television and are under surveillance without any neglect to accompany teenagers in family trips, Outside the family.
4_One of the visit of girlfriends, especially girls, by persuasion and understanding, not cruelty and intimidation and giving them the alternative atmosphere in the house so that the girl understands that the friend is in school or work or university and not for the unnecessary visit ... Give the girl a sermon and the lesson of what happened to girls wrong in themselves and talk About their tragic fate sad ... and put them in the best ways of the owners of bad persuasion and explain the negative of these adolescents to the family members, especially mother and father notification of the existence of the father and his special supervision to give the teenager the necessary expenses of its own. Financial mow and deprived teen expenses even special because it leaves a tent, difficult and painful results.
5_ Watching adolescence and all the cautious while sitting on the computer and especially the net from time to time and follow up what you read or write or see it even if forced parents or brothers and sisters who hate to sit with them until the end of the Internet session and shut down the computer ... Because the net double-edged sword like his money Of the benefits and culture, but it is abused by the killer and lethal, as it should inform teenagers the seriousness of talking online with unknown people without knowing the truth of knowledge and detailed explanation of what will happen after the anonymous conversations and involvement with them and the inability to withdraw ... To advise our children to eat our slaves and deliver them to safety And Dha who violates the intentional violation remains intentional and humiliating themselves first and then their captivity on this concern is the most severe punishment without mercy and without humanity and without compassion and excuse from warning.

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