Hajj Mc

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Lead Singer: Mohammad Ghanayem

Backing Voice: MarioQumsieh                        Backing Voice: Wajdee Shaheen

Backing Voice: Mohamed Salamah   Flute & Nay Player: Joseph Zarour

Music Composed & Arranged by: John R. Handal

Recorded at: RJ Music Productions Studio



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1. Hajj MC حج امسي
2. Get out إطلااااع
3. Respect my dignity فهمني مش تذلني
4. Gaza and West Bank غزة ضفة
5. Raise your voice وضح صوتك
6. I am walking proud مرفوع الهامة امشي
7. I love you أنا بحبك
8. Like you are زي ما انت
9. My Mother’s Melodies الحان امي
10. For You ليكو ليكو
11. Arab Generation of Peace جيل السلام العربي



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